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19 Year Old Cashier Shot To Death At Burger King | Kristal Nieves Working Night Shift, Murdered!

2022.01.24 10:22 Just_horrifying 19 Year Old Cashier Shot To Death At Burger King | Kristal Nieves Working Night Shift, Murdered!

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2022.01.24 10:22 SAtechnewsbot SAPS says it lacks funding — leaves R4 billion unspent

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2022.01.24 10:22 Can-Nah-Duh Pewds best hentai girl

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2022.01.24 10:22 Juggernaut_Regulator "Let's make some gumbo, dad!"

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2022.01.24 10:22 newtonic Requesting r/ArmchairExpert. Only moderator has been inactive in subreddit over 3 years. I would like to maintain and build the subreddit as well as increase the moderator team.

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2022.01.24 10:22 moistwaffles420 Facebook coming in clutch as usual, this useful individual was kind enough to answer my question in one of my car groups.

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2022.01.24 10:22 Business-Court-9465 I sent this letter to my ex

You were right. Our relationship was not healthy.
I was emotional, immature, and needy. I think in the end, things became too intense. There was too much built up tension and sadness over the year that we didn’t resolve, and to put it simply I lashed out. It was an unhealthy and disrespectful way of showing you my feelings. I didn’t respect your space. I didn’t respect your boundaries and your wishes. The way things ended was also an extremely emotional response that I am looking back with regret on. I made mistakes that I am incredibly sorry about.
I have been taking accountability for my actions.

  1. I have been seeing a therapist for the past few days
  2. I have signed up for xxxx therapy session that I plan on fully participating in to work myself out
  3. I have journaled how I felt about you, my mistakes, and my insecurities
  4. I have been refocusing on my own goals and been working out
  5. I have started to place emphasis around my life
There are still many other things I must do to become a better person, and it will take time, but I will continue to work on myself. I would like to work on this together with you, to take things slow, and to go to couple’s counseling together. I have been doing this alone for the moment, but I think it could really help. I hope we can open up a communication channel so that you see my changes.
When you are back, I will have become a better man.
No matter what, best of luck on your exams.
Sincerely Yours,

I am marking this here since no one else in my life cares, and deep in my mind I know she is probably just going to block and ignore it as well. It hurts so much, I have no one to say this to, so I guess I will use this place as a place to write my last thoughts. The break up was ugly. Despite how much I love her still, I sent this letter for my own closure. The strength and willpower to send a letter like this made me realize how much I was willing to change for her. Despite feeling the same amount of hurt, I still want to change and be better. It made me realize that I was willing to overlook everything she did to me, and to change for the better as long as she wanted to be with me. I realized that at the end of the day, not one single person should be responsible for the failure of both. That being able to, and willing to fight and fight, is something that is empowering. It meant that your love for that special person is true and deep. But at the end of the day, a relationship is the fight of two people, not one. When you have tried every single thing in your power to fight for it, and have nothing left in the tank, then it is not embarrassing to look forward. Because when you look back, you will have no regrets because you tried every single thing you could.
This is the end of my fight for you, I truly love you, but now I have to start fighting for myself.
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2022.01.24 10:22 lavishrabbit6009 Other subreddits using your post history to slander.

If you are someone I had an argument with, and decided to lurk through my account just so you can say "Wow he posts on antifeminists, he is just an incel", this message is for you:
To say you are pathetic is an insult to low lives. Your inability to engage in an argument and actually address the point, to instead try to dismiss the point by appealing to the public and rallying a hate campaign is EXACTLY why subreddits like this exist.
Stop hiding under the guise of morality, when it's clear that all you want is to slander people with opposing opinions and to silence them.
You do NOT get to have a moral high ground when you provide no insight or rebuttal to what you are replying to. You are no better than the incels you so despise.
It takes a special type of idiot to flout being against sexism while simultaneously projecting that same prejudice towards people you disagree with. Get the fuck out of here.
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2022.01.24 10:22 Chtissu Has anyone here worn/tried on this dress? - David’s Bridal

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2022.01.24 10:22 Popular_Wasabi_Brand Help! So many colors make me look Sick or clash with my skin/eyes :/

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2022.01.24 10:22 MinionsLabs Trade with the Odds: How to Construct Market-Beating Trading Systems - by Anthony Trongone

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2022.01.24 10:22 Mynewsify-Website Toyota extends production curbs in Japan as COVID infections rise, Latest News

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2022.01.24 10:22 elliebellybaby Best hair products for adding volume?

Looking for help with my very flat, very limp hair.
In particular, I'm looking for a volumizing mousse to use before blow drying but would also be open to suggestions on a full hair care line if anyone has any game changers.
Thank you!
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2022.01.24 10:22 ImaginaryBikini Jasmine Tookes

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2022.01.24 10:22 Street_Remote6105 Does anybody have/or have access to, a white wall/clinical/slightly medical looking space for a music video performance piece?

I am working with a good friend who is putting together an improved music piece that has a video component... we are looking for a space that can double as "medical looking" but we would settle for just for just a plain white walls/hallways. Unfortunately they are starving musicians and I am a school teacher by day... so... yeah... there isn't much budget to throw around. But maybe we can work out a deal of some sort?
I've shot several projects like this before and we always leave the location cleaner than when we started... Let me know if anyone has any leads...
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2022.01.24 10:22 boredomspreads Why do people feel the need to sit in the walkway. (Random Ranting)

So I was at work yesterday. This time as a hostess. As I was taking people to their table I purposely sat them away from the flow of traffic. 1 bc our restaurant is small and two bc I know from experience it’s hard for severs to try and maneuver around tight corners bc people want to spread out at tables and and not be aware of their surroundings.
So low and behold we get this 3 top that wants to go upstairs. I sit the couple on the window side and their friend by the seat overlooking. Tell my why this dude decided to move seats into the aisle and then full man spread. Like he’s 6ft plus and at least 300 so his arms and legs are all in the walk way. I kindly tell him I sat him in the seat adjacent to keep him from accidentally getting bumped. He says he’s fine. So out of spite I purposely sat a 7 top and a 4 top in that same corner area so he would spend his whole meal getting bumped by people getting up to use the bathroom and runners bringing food. By the end of meal you could tell he was irritated especially since one of servers is bulky so when he went to take the order from the 7 top nxt to him, dude spent 5 mins with an ass in his face. I feel a little petty doing this, but also I feel like it’s karma.
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2022.01.24 10:22 TheRoyalCommunist Steam Community :: Screenshot :: First three jumps of the run I got the same slaver event, killed their crew and got the same message and a new crewman each time 😮

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2022.01.24 10:22 qcjacobs123 M29 Lilburn

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2022.01.24 10:21 joshstewart90 [For Hire] I will help build an e-commerce site

Hi all! I’ve been working self-employed within the fashion industry for some time now. I have a background in digital marketing and have been working with fashion designers as a consultant helping them with their sales.
As part of my services, I want to offer e-commerce sites. I have built several sites in the past (and recent) but I need to start building a bit of a portfolio (of e-commerce sites) which is why im offering to build some here.
I’m very conceptual, design and art driven and have seen literally thousands of e-commerce sites…from ropey “ouch my eyes” to super cool looking ones. My plan is to have a more fashion designer approach to building sites- from a “mood board”, a concept, a story and inspiration to build not just a web store but something that truly blends in to your product offering.
My cost per site (but will probably increase as my portfolio does) is around £250 including standard/basic fixed fees it costs to get the website live.
Dm me if interested.
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2022.01.24 10:21 Rikumo_ [IF THIS IS POSTED, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS A DRAFT THAT WASNT MEAN TO BE POSTED] Collapsing menu hotbar: a comprehensive tutorial on how to cure a messy UI!

[IF THIS IS POSTED, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS A DRAFT THAT WASNT MEAN TO BE POSTED] Collapsing menu hotbar: a comprehensive tutorial on how to cure a messy UI! So, a couple of days ago I made a post about my new Menu-like hotbar. After reading comments and feedbacks, I've significantly improved the designto make it more streamlined, confusing and so it takes up less Hotbars than it used to. I will explain here step by step how I set that up!
No TL;DR because, well, it's a guide so ig you gotta suffer through it if you're interested.
Prologue: Side notes.
Part I: Basic principles, Requirements & Setting up the workspace.
Part II: The core Macros.
Part III: A Tale of Menus & Submenus.
Part IV: Scrolling down the hill!
Part V: Eye candy-ing the whole thing
Epilogue: Final thoughts and Edits
Prologue: Side notes. My original design was inspired by u/chronokoola tutorial (available here:
https://www.reddit.com/ffxiv/comments/9rj7qg/collapsing_hotbar_macros_for_a_clean_ui/). I strongly recommend reading his tutorial as it is a good source for basic principles and explanations.
I also recommend reading comments below my original post as they provided lots of feedbacks, insight and advice that allowed me to improve my design. Thank you all for that!
Finally, the aim of this post is not going to tell you to blindly repeat what I did to have my exact same UI. I most want you to understand how menu-like UI works, so you can make your own UI, adapted to your needs and preferences. Lots of people would find my UI messy or unpractical, which would be a fair opinion. Though I could think exactly the same of theirs. It is all a matter of opinion and preferences. That's why this guide will explain the different ways of making a Menu UI.
Final note: PLEASE READ THE WHOLE GUIDE BEFORE ASKING SOMETHING. I don't mind giving further explanations, but I don't want to repeat the whole thing every time. I know this thread is pretty long, but I can't really help it.
Part I: Basic principles, Requirements & Setting up the workspace This is what we're trying to avoid

It is important to know how we will make this work.
In order to make the macros, you will need to have unlocked at least 1 ARR job (so a class that reached level 30). Menu macros rely on a macro command that we will call "Copy Hotbar". This command copies a hotbar from a class or job to your current hotbar. A class is considered as different from their associated job: that means that GLA will their own hotkey layout, and when equipping your soulstone it will change the hotkey layout as a new job (this is why, when equipping a soulstone for the 1st time, you get the default layout).
Knowing this, the point of this will be to use, as Chrono did in his tutorial, soulstone-less classes as "Hotbar warhouses". That means, for instance, we will use macro commands such as "/copy hotbar GLA 1 to current 8". This means that, the more ARR jobs you will have unlocked, the more menus and hotbars you will be able to configure. As for a recommended amount of ARR jobs, it really depends on your. I personnally use 6 classes (PGL, ACN, MRD, ROG, GLA, LNC), one for each menu (DoH/DoL, DoW, Duty tools, Emotes, Settings and Companion). I find this more comfortable to use. However, you CAN use for instance 1 class for 2 or 3 menus, depending on the amount of hotkeys and submenus you are attaching (for instance, many people tend to merge DoH/DoL & DoW menus in one).
Now that we defined, this, time to set up our workspace!
First of all, create as many gearsets with classes as the number of menus you will make (unless you want to merge menus like I said earlier), and rename them approriately.
Once that is done, go to Character configuration > Hotbar. First of all, make sure that Hide unassigned slots is unchecked, and display hotbar numbers is checked. This will allow us to manipulate hotbars and know where the slots are.
Now go to "Sharing", and make hotbars 9 & 10 as Shared hotbars. This will allow them to not be changed by jobs and classes change.
Now, go to your Macro settings, time to create your first two macros!
These macros will allow you to freely switch between layout 1 & 2. Why are we doing this? because Basically, layout 1 will for for testing the menus, while Layout 2 will be to Set the menus. That means your layout 1 will be your final layout, while layout 2 will just be here to make things easier.
Now set these Macros on your Hotbar 10, as you will regularly switch between both.
I also recommend allocating "Spaces" in your Macro menu to each menu you will make, for instance mine is divided like this:

Finally, the last part of our setup: the HUD layout! You will need to setup both layouts this way:
What your Layout 1 should look like
What your layout 2 should look like
Hotbar 5 is optional, you probably won't need it but it's still cool to have it just in case
For layout 1, it is extremely important that you put the vertical hotbars in this order: From left to right: (5), 6, 7, 8, 9.
Finally, I strongly recommend Setting all your Class gearsets from earlier in your Hotbar 10, as well as a single Job gearset. The point is that you can use class gearsets to freely change between menu configuration, and the job gearset to quickly test your layout.
Now that this is all set, we are ready to roll!
Part II: The core macros. First of all, you need to set up a macro that allows you to "Nuke" Hotbar 9 and all other hotbars.
This is pretty simple: go to your macro menu, create a macro with the "Up" arrow, and copy the following (except "OPTIONAL"):
/hotbar display 9 [on/off] /hotbar display 8 off /hotbar display 7 off /hotbar display 6 off OPTIONAL: /hotbar display 5 off 
Now you've got your main macro! This will allow you to use Hotbar 9.
Now, we'll define the use for each hotbar. Remember these name as I will use them for the sake of clarity
Hotbar 10, you guessed it, will be your "Prime hotbar", the one that will always remain.
Hotbar 9 can be what we call your "Super menu", here you will have access to every other menus.
Hotbar 8 will be your "Menu" hotbar. This is were you will either put hotkeys (for emotes for instance), or "Submenus" for menus that need them.
Hotbar 7 will be the "Submenu" hotbar. This is, for instance, when you click on "Dow"
Hotbar 6 will most likely only be for Hotkeys.

First off, let's create the macro for the DoW menu (the one in the screencap) as an example. To make this, we will use the Arcanist hotbars.
First, you will create the macro to access the menu: copy down these commands

/hotbar copy ACN 8 current 8 /hotbar display 8 on /hotbar display 7 off /hotbar display 6 off Optional: /hotbar display 5 off 
Now, what does this mean?
That means that, everytime you click this macro:
The game will cope the 8th arcanist hotbar to your current 8th hotbat
It will display the 8th Hotbar
It will Hide the 7th, 6th and 5th hotbar.
We do that last step so, when you click on this menu after you have opened an old one, it will nuke these hotbars and reset the display.
Now, what if you want to close your menu hotbar? Since the macro will always open it without closing it (we are using a "on" macro, not "on/off")
Simply create a new macro with a Cross symbol, and copy the following:
/hotbar display 8 off /hotbar display 7 off /hotbar display 6 off OPTIONAL: /hotbar display 5 off 
Why are we doing this instead of a toggle? Because if we used a toggle, everytime you wanted to change menu (for instance, open DoW menu while the Emote menu is open) you would need to click twice (first click would close the menu, second one would make it appear again). Change your current job to ACN, and Set the macro in your 8th Hotbar.
Great, now our first menu is ready. Now you can already prepare the other menus by creating the following macros
/hotbar copy [CLASS ASSOCIATED WITH MENU] 8 current 8 /hotbar display 8 on /hotbar display 7 off /hotbar display 6 off Optional: /hotbar display 5 off 
Now set all of the macros on your Hotbar 9, rearrange them the way you like and we're done with this part!
Part III: A tale of Menus and Submenus Reusing screenshots cuz why fucking not

Here we will learn to make a system of Menu and Submenu as I use with my Jobs, Duty use and UI Settings Menus.
Before even starting, why making this system instead of the Scrolling system mentioned in the next chapter?
The advantages:
  • May take up less Macro slots if you don't have many pages
  • Overall better organization
The drawbacks, however:
  • More submenus means more click, so less reactivity
  • Takes more Hotbars (you will need AT LEAST Hotbar 8 and 7, sometimes even 6 and 5), which means that you can't use these hotbars for your Skills for instance.
First step, change you current job to the class associated to the menu you will configurate. Still using my DoW menu as an example, I will use Arcanist here.
First of: Create 3 macros:
  • Macro 1:

/hotbar copy ACN 1 current 7 /hotbar display 7 on /hotbar display 6 off 
  • Macro 2

/hotbar copy ACN 2 current 7 /hotbar display 7 on /hotbar display 6 off 
  • Macro 3:

/hotbar copy ACN 3 current 7 /hotbar display 7 on 

Job types!
Now take a sheet of paper or open a small word document to keep track of what each Macro will do:
Macro 1 will manage Tank jobs submenu
Macro 2 will manage Healer jobs submenu
Macro 3 will manage DPS jobs submenu.
For the Tank and Healer submenus, well done! Your menu is all set. Now simply set your Tank and Healer gear sets to the corresponding ACN hotbar (Hotbar 1 for Tanks, Hotbar 2 for Healers) and you're good.

As for DPS jobs now, this is a bit trickier. The thing is, there is currently 12 DPS jobs, divided between Casters, Melees, and Ranged. A hotbar can hold up to 10 hotkeys. Do the math, you will quickly notice where the problem is.
Now, we have two solutions:
  • 1st one is making a scrolling menu, in that case you can jump directly to the next chapter, and simply replace the job name by ACN and hotbar numbers accordingly.
  • 2nd one is making further submenus, in that case create the following 3 macros, and write down what each macro is associated with:

Macro 1: Melee
/hotbar copy ACN 4 current 6 /hotbar display 6 on 
Macro 2: Caster
/hotbar copy ACN 5 current 6 /hotbar display 6 on 
Macro 3: Ranged
/hotbar copy ACN 6 current 6 /hotbar display 6 on 

DPS types!
And there you go! Now simply set your gearset hotkeys accordingly.

Now it's testing time! Switch to whatever job you want, switch to your 1st HUD layout, and try your menus! If anything goes wrong, try to see if you didn't make a mistake somewhere: if you didn't, that means I'm a fucking idiot and you can DM me right away so I can fix this.
Now you know how to create submenus! If you feel like it, you could even make another submenu using hotbar 5.
Part IV: Scrolling down the hill!
What we're aiming for
You prefer scrolling in a menu with everything in it? You need to free as many hotbars as you can for your jobs? Then this is for you! First of, a couple of advantages and drawbacks for the Scrolling down method:
The advantages:
  • May take up less Macro slots than the other method if you only have a single page.
  • Only uses 1 hotbar (Hotbar 8).
  • Some would say overall cleaner
The drawbacks:
  • If you have too many page (like I do for emotes), it can take a lot of Macro slots.
  • Much less organized than the submenu system.
  • In my opinion, tedious to setup.
Now, let's take an example once again: Let's say you wish to make an Emote menu with 3 pages, using your ROG hotbar.
First off, edit your Emote menu macro with the following changes (in italic)
You will need to create what I call Scrolling macros, that will allow you to change from one page to another. As a rule of thumb, you will always need twice as many scrolling macros as pages you will have, but they will use only as many different commands as pages. The reason being that, while you technically only need as many commands as pages you have, you will need to have different icons depending whether the page you want to reach is after or before the active page.
For instance, in our 3 pages Emote menu, we will need a total of 6 macros with 3 different commands, the following being:

From page [x] to page [y] Associated Macro
3>1 = 2>1 or changing to page 1 /hotbar copy ROG 8 to current 8
1>2 = 3>2 or changing to page 2 /hotbar copy ROG 7 to current 8
2>3 = 1>3 or changing to page 3 /hotbar copy ROG 6 to current 8
Rinse and repeat with as much pages as necessary Rinse and repeat with as much pages as necessary

Same command, different icon
As soon as you've done this, simply set these macros at the beginning and the end of the corresponding hotbars (For instance, set To page 3 at the beginning of Hotbar 1, and To page 2 at the end of the same hotbar).
Additionnally, in the 2nd slot for every hotbar (so after the Macro to go to the precent page), set your Close Menu macro.
Congrats, you now have a scrollable menu!
Part V: Eye candy-ing the whole thing In this part, I consider that you have created all the necessary macro and organized your menu the way you like. Here I will teach you how to make your hotbar look good and fix a couple of issues that might happen.
Don't worry, it's simple as heck.
You probably noticed, throughout the tutorial, that most of my Macro icons are not listed in the Macro menu. That is thanks to the micon command.
Basically, on the 1st line of your macro, you can write the following
/micon "icon name" type
This command will basically replace the macro icon with the icon of an action, pvpaction, item, spell, mount or whatever. You will find here an album of the available icon, but you are free to test icons that are not listed. Who knows! Maybe they'll work!
Now, the way this command works is pretty straightforward:
/micon "icon name" type
Nothing to say here, it's just to enable the macro Here you will right the name of the icon. For instance, if you want to use an action's icon, you will use the action's name. Same goes for a mount icon, or an item icon. Here you write the type of the action you want to use as an icon. For instance, if you want to use the Fight or Flight icon, you will write "action" here. The known types according to the FFXIV wikia are: action, pvpaction, blueaction, mount, item, general, emote, companion, pet, minions, signs, waymarks, gearsets, classjob, quickchat
For scrolling menus, you can use the basic "1, 2, 3..." macro icons to make pages numbers (as I did). You can even add the command /emotelist so that clicking the page number opens the emote list!

And, final point, if when you use a macro it shows up in your chat, giving your friends and party members a good ol' spam, make sure that there is no space at the beginning of a command, for instance with " /hotbar" instead of "/hotbar". This will fix it.

Epilogue: Final thoughts and Edits Well, that was quite the explanation! As I am writing this, I only need to add the screenshots to the guide before I can actually post it. I actually wonder who will read through the whole thing. I'm almost tempted to make a small game "1st one to read this gets 100k gils! Just DM me, I'm on Chaos DC :D".
Hopefully this guide will be of use to at least a few people! Obviously, feel free to give me your thoughts and feedbacks in the comments, I'd love to interact!
I also mean to warn you all, my guide is but one among others. There's probably a lot of people with better explanations than mine, and who even did videos for that. Please DO look around for other tutorials, it will be worth it.
For French speakers that struggled through this mess, I can try to make a translated version over on Google doc, if there is enough demand for it that is!
Think that's all there's to say, so...
Have a good one, fellow adventurers! May we meet on the fields of the Source! submitted by Rikumo_ to ffxiv [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 10:21 DPrince25 Need help identifying cards!

Good day,
I'm a returning player and I have created some comfort decks I'm familiar with. I want to try new generation stuff and would like to try Prank Kids - I'm watching this youtube video but due to my lack of knowledge it's hard to identify cards based on image. Can anyone help me identify the cards linked below for Prank Kids: https://youtu.be/njIcSPL2kbM?t=527
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